Increasing diversity and the participation of women in the tech sector

On 29 November 2022, we welcomed guests to our Reason Group office for an engaging panel discussion on the challenges faced by women in the tech industry and increasing diversity across the sector as a whole.

The lunch event, held in collaboration with the Tech Council of Australia (TCA), brought together over 80 guests from government, industry, media, parliamentary, and TCA members.

Our amazing panel line-up included, industry experts Alexandra Coates (Managing Director, Datacom), Jade Carson (CIO at NGA, ANU PhD candidate, WIC Women of the Year 2020), William Scheer (Founder & CEO, Reason Group), and panel moderator Kate Jones (Executive Director TCA, former QLD Government Minister). They shared their personal stories, insights, and advice, making the event informative and inspiring.

The event was a great opportunity for guests to network and participate in a lively panel discussion. The panel focused on getting more women into tech, highlighted the importance of diversity in the field. The discussion, led by Kate Jones, started by pointing out the low representation of women in the tech industry and the need to use more inclusive language in the workplace.

Reason Group CEO, William Scheer, emphasised the importance of redefining the “rules of engagement” in the industry to make it more inclusive. For example, by talking about engineers as “creative professionals”. He added, “What are the other ways we can talk about the industry that are more inclusive, that include more people who see themselves in it.”

You can read a wrap up of the panel here.

A big thank you to all who attended and made the event such a great success!

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Women in Tech Dinner

A wonderful group of business, research, and political leaders gathered at the Women in Tech dinner in Canberra. Our CEO, William Scheer, was honored to be a part of the discussions about how to create more opportunties for women in tech.

Australia’s tech ecosystem has an incredible set of diverse leaders. As TCA members, we are proud to support the drive towards achieving 1.2m people in tech jobs by 2030 and providing a wider range of Australians with opportunities in the tech field.

William Scheer, joined the conversation on how we can increase the participation of women in tech – a key mission of the TCA.