Making great strides in our local Canberra tech scene

On 2 February 2023, we had the privilege to host the Tech Council of Australia and Senator David Pocock, along with some of Canberra’s top tech leaders, for an engaging roundtable lunch at our Reason Group office.

During the lunch, Senator Pocock was eager to engage with local tech companies and understand the challenges and opportunities they face in the ACT. He also shared updates on his discussions with the government, aimed at supporting the growth of the city’s thriving tech sector.

The event was filled with inspiring stories of innovation, progress, and collaboration. Although there is still much work to be done to establish the ACT as a technology hub, Senator Pocock’s interest on the impact of tech on the economy and the creation of more local jobs was on point.

Little known to many, Canberra has a flourishing tech community that boasts strengths such as top-notch universities and researchers, as well as a strong and diverse community that offers ample opportunities for collaboration towards a better future.

Thanks to Kate Pounder (CEO, Tech Council) and the TCA team for getting us together to kick off 2023 with great energy!

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Before the event concluded, Senator Pocock was given a handmade piece from the iconic Canberra Glass Works. The unique vase was a token of our appreciation and a way to symbolise the growing tech industry. Reason Group commissioned local glass artist Annette Blair to create the beautiful piece, and we gifted it to our staff as a symbol of our own growth and unique journey.

Reason Group CEO, William Scheer, presenting Senator Pocock with the gift.